April 27, 2016

Introducing a Fitness Industry Novice

So nearly four years after the fact, I have decided to answer the question implied in my last post "Did I ever start teaching Zumba?" The answer is a resounding "Yes!" Achieving this goal made me realize that a person really can do anything with some hard work and the refusal to give up.

I taught my first Zumba class in December of 2013, after a friend offered me the option to work as a substitute instructor for one of her classes. That first class I was nervous, fearful of forgetting my 16-song routine or doing the wrong dance move at the wrong time. But you know what? It turned out great! I did it and after I did it, I realized that I had to focus seriously on obtaining my own class.

So I started applying at gyms online and then following up with a phone call, well actually a few phone calls. My last call was to a well-known gym that was 1 mile from my residence. I wasn't expecting a positive outcome because in my mind it was the major league. The manager said they didn't have any openings but their other location in a nearby town (22 miles away) did. Surprised at my good fortune, I thanked her and applied online immediately. I was called for an interview two days later.

The interview went well and not only was I hired part-time as a Zumba instructor but also as a Wellness Coach. Wellness coaching involves showing gym members how to use Cybex and cardio equipment. As an added bonus, my job involves providing encouragement and motivation to members. What's not to love?

I never would have believed that a company would pay me, a newcomer, money to create choreography, music playlists and encourage others on their fitness journeys. It is all the more special because I am still on my journey. I have weight to lose and muscles to tone, but thankfully that doesn't stop members from coming to my classes or asking for my assistance in the Wellness Center. Perhaps it even makes me more relatable.

I have now worked at "my" gym since 2014. I have taken training to teach other Group Ex classes, and am pursuing options to take my fitness career and my personal fitness to the next level. I can't wait to see where fitness takes me!