November 22, 2016

Wood-Fired Favorites

There's a new entry to the Indy dining scene, and if you enjoy wood-fired favorites, then Firebirds is the place for you. This eatery, which mixes an upscale and casual decor, will be an ideal spot for settings ranging from a planned special dinner out to a place to stop for Happy Hour with friends after work. Whatever your adult beverage of choice, the FireBar likely has it. There is a wall of wine that serves as a focal point in the dining room, and an array of other decanters on display near the bar. Firebirds features a wide variety of options for the hungriest diner to lighter eaters. Appetizers include lobster spinach queso, smoked chicken wings, chicken quesadilla and seared ahi tuna. The chicken quesadilla was flavorful with black bean salsa, corn, cheddar and pepper jack cheese. It also has sriracha sour cream for a hint of spiciness. As for the visually-appealing seared ahi tuna, it is a must try for seafood lovers.

Regarding entrees,you can choose from pineapple chicken, pecan-encrusted trout and baby back ribs just to name a few. For steak afficionados, there is center cut sirloin, steak au poivre, aged ribeye, and prime rib. The prime rib can be ordered with a loaded baked potato and fresh veggies(pictured below). The prime rib was prepared just right with its pink center and slightly darker edges.

Burgers and sandwiches are on the menu as well. There is a Durango Burger, French Dip sandwich and Smokehouse Chicken sandwich. The Smokehouse Chicken (pictured below) has java BBQ sauce, apple-smoked bacon, cheddar and red onion. The java BBQ sauce is sweet with a slight tinge of coffee flavor.
Those with a sweet tooth will be pleased with creme brulee' cheesecake, warm chocolate brownie, key lime pie or carrot cake. The carrot cake was divine, and was accompanied by a side of caramel sauce to drizzle over it.

Firebirds is located at 96th and Meridian. It is open Sunday through Thursday 11 a.m. until 10 p.m. and Friday and Saturday 11 a.m. until 11 p.m., with lunch and dinner menus available.


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