September 17, 2012

My Fitness Journey

It isn’t something I write about often, but it is a major part of my life.  I want to become fit enough to teach Zumba classes. I have my instructor’s license, what I don’t believe I have is enough endurance to teach a 60 minute class.  I can take a 60 minute class and even a 120 minute class, but teaching is different. I'm pretty sure being out of breath will not lend itself to leading a class effectively.   I’ve worked out throughout my life, but sporadically, like  do it for a year here or a year there.  For awhile it was Stairmaster. I was queen of Stairmaster, for real. Then treadmill, which was quite boring. However, since discovering Zumba  three years ago, I’ve found I want to work out often and more importantly, consistently.  I love dancing, and Zumba allows me the opportunity to dance to my heart’s content as often as I want. Also, it has made me more open to trying other classes, such as Strike, a class with weighted bars and gloves.  

One of my biggest challenges has been finding a balance between food intake and fitness. I know I always will be a foodie. It is who I am. My goal has been trying to enjoy food and social activities without gaining the weight that affects my endurance.

I think I am starting to understand what it takes to do that. It involves a no excuses mentality, which is easier to employ when there’s no cupcakes,  french fries or pizza in your vicinity and no friends asking if you want to go to a movie , have a meal at Cheesecake Factory or Outback (Mmmmm Outback).  In my case, all of the above happens often. I guess part of this journey will mean learning how to decline politely and keep focused on the goal. To be continued........


Candace Schaefer said...

A. It is nice to see you write something personal on you blog.

B. I know you will achieve this goal. You have been working towards it for so long and the end is very close.

C. Movies don't have to involve food

D. You are inspiring.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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